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At English Workshop, we emphasize on teaching English in English. We focus greatly on students language skills in Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. 


To optimize student speaking ability and confidence in English, we incorporate a variety of classroom activities such spellings, reading recitals, and games to boost students' enthusiasm and learning capabilities. Most importantly, we want our students to feel a sense of achievement when they are able to communicate in English. 



Events like Halloween, Christmas create joy and excitement for all the students. The shouts of "Trick or Treat" are here to stay.........

How was your summer vacation? These are ours..............



Name:  Shirley Goh             Country: Singapore 


Teaching experience: More than 15 years


Language Spoken: English, Mandarin and Japanese

Message from the teacher:


" One of the most rewarding moment in my job is to see the progress of all my students, from not knowing a word of English; to being able to speak English. Don't hesitate to speak English when an opportunity arise, even you might make mistakes. Making mistake is also one of the best way to perfect your English too. Just give it a go!"




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